Seamless1 is the market leading brand for hair

extensions, supplier and distributor in South Africa.

Our mission is delivering quality hair products to our

customers with repeat satisfaction. Seamless1 hair

extensions are the highest grade quality and work in

conjunction with S1 Hair Care Products for the best


Fashions fade, but style is eternal... or so the adage


Enter Seamless1- a brand that’s well and truly changing

the extension landscape; ensuring high quality

extensions are within worldwide reach. Since their

trailblazing emergence into the hair arena, Seamless1

has become the most popular extension brand on the

market, offering women instant length, volume and

colour – in little to no time at all.

From light-weight clip-ins, to their signature tape

extension and product ranges, Seamless1 covers all

colour, length, and style bases... hand delivering

clients the gorgeous strands they’ve

always longed for (excuse the pun).

Why Seamless1?

Each set of extensions is comprised of 100% ethically

sourced virgin remy hair, artfully processed to ensure

an incredibly natural feel and appearance.