Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions: 

Why they are the best type of hair extensions?

Many people who use hair extensions say that using them is like an addiction! Once you see how great your hair looks with a set of hair extensions, you never look back. It's safe to say, the volume and length that hair extensions give you increase confidence dramatically. They're another way of enhancing natural beauty, just like makeup and jewellery. Nowadays, there are so many different ways of extending your hair and it's become a lot easier too. But, with all of the options available, how do you begin making the choice? You can get clip in, tape in, sewn in (weave), micro rings and fusion extensions. Which one is the best? Here are Seamless1, we think that tape-in extensions are the best. After all, they're the most popular way of extending hair and are the most requested type. Let's see the reasons why tape in hair extensions are a great purchase.

Reasons why tape in hair extensions are the best type of hair extension:

1. Price
Tape in hair extensions are semi-permanent and are fairly inexpensive as far as hair extensions go. They are one of the least expensive semi-permanent ways of extending hair in terms of buying them and applying them. This hair extension method takes under an hour to fit, which obviously keeps costs down. In terms of maintenance, the costs are much lower too if you compare it to other hair extensions that last a similar length of time.

Comparatively, the hair for tape in hair extensions costs the same as good clip in extensions. This is considerably cheaper than micro rings and fusion hair extensions. This is because they are built in 1” panels of hair rather than individual sections. Overall, therefore, tape in extensions are really cost-effective.

2. Low maintenance
Since they are around 1 to 1.5” wide and are thin, tape in hair extensions are really easy to maintain. In fact, they’re probably the easiest type to maintain. Also, it’s really easy to forget you’re wearing tape in extensions since you don’t really have to do anything special to maintain them. Simply put, you tape them in and worry about them for 10 or so weeks when it’s time to reapply them closer to the root again. As far as tape extensions are concerned, it’s really worthwhile buying the best you can afford. Ideally, this should be Remy hair. Even though this is more expensive, you’ll actually find yourself saving money because they will last longer and look great for longer. Higher quality extensions don’t shed or get tangled. They’re also reusable.

3. Cause the least amount of damage
Out of all of the different types of hair extensions out there, tape in extensions cause the least amount of damage. They're much more lightweight and will not cause pulling of your own hair unlike other types of hair extensions. They simply grow out as your hair grows without pulling or tugging. Similarly priced clip in extensions are notorious for being heavy. Having heavy extensions means you could end up with bald spots with frequent use – especially if you have fine hair.

Hair extensions like micro rings and fusion are much more damaging than tape in extensions because they tend to get tangled easily which might cause hair loss. Conversely, tape in extensions don’t cause damage and are so simple to take out. It’s important to be wary of hair loss caused by the use of extensions. Tape in extension won’t make you lose hair not will they feel uncomfortable, which I guess is the ultimate goal!

4. They can be reused
One of the great things about the tape in extension is that you can reuse them for up to 12 months because they can withstand around 3 or 4 applications. This is obviously of great benefit, even more so if you have had them cut and coloured to suit your style.

After taking the tape off of your extensions, you make sure they're clean before putting on a new tape and putting them back into your hair. This is a reason why you should always go for high-quality products. Poorer quality hair and tape means that you will be re-applying them after a month and the hair will start to look poor. Individual extensions, on the other hand, are not reusable. Clip extensions can be reused but these do seem to wear out quicker than tape ones. Removing tape extensions takes around a quarter of an hour, so it’s really not long at all compared to removing individual extensions (which will take hours and will take lots of hair with them!).

5. You can’t see them
In comparison to clip extensions, you can wear loads of hairstyles with tape extensions. You can braid your hair and put it in a really high ponytail without the extensions being seen. Tape in extensions are super thin, which means they can't be seen when worn. What's more, they're really flexible. You can brush and wash your hair without feeling them. Compared to using individual hair extensions, you can wash and dry your hair much easier. They don't tangle aren't don't have a stringy appearance. For a really invisible look that is flexible, tape in extensions are the ones to go for.

We've seen 5 great reasons why tape in hair extension is the best type of hair extensions available. It's clear to see why so many famous people use them. They are so easy! Application and maintenance are so much easier! They can't be felt either so they really are the best you can get. Whether you've tried extensions in the past and are wanting to try a new method or whether you're looking at using extensions for the first time, you won't be disappointed with tape in hair extensions. Remember, buy the best you can afford and make sure you get them to put in by someone experienced and well-trained. You won't regret choosing this type of hair extension!