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Midnight Ponytail 21.5 Inches

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•100% Human Hair Clip-in

• Double Drawn hair sourced worldwide

• Hair Length: 22 inches

• Weight: 87 grams net hair

• Width of Lace: 12cm minimise any damage to the hair. Enhanced with Anti-slip Silicon tube for maximum grip.

• Soft lace weft for extra comfort. Dries super-fast after washing

• Ideal for ladies who want to spice up their appearance by playing with colour and style.

•If well-cared-for the Life Span of these extensions is 3 to 9 months, depending on the frequency of use and washing.

• The perfect option for introducing colour into your hair in a way you can totally control – simply add in or leave out as the mood takes you. Ombre & Balayage can be applied in minutes without damaging your real hair while adding thickness and length.