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S1 Keratin System

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The New Generation of Organic Hair Straightening. S1 Keratin, 3 step system to straighten and smooth hair without harsh chemicals. No smell, no fumes, no smoke, no formaldehyde and is dermatologically tested.

S1 Keratin System actually works, full smoothing, volume reduction, frizz elimination while rejuvenating the hair. Totally rinse Step 2 making the hair easy to blow dry and iron. Amazing results and one of the best Keratins in the Market – our customers swear by it. Step 2 Keratin containing organic acids and vitamin E. Lasts up to 4 months giving hair the true straightening experience.


Professional Keratin System

  • Step 1: Straightening Shampoo 1 Liter
  • Step 2: Straightening Treatment 1 Liter
  • Step 3: Straightening Mask 1 Liter

Made in Brazil